I believe every moment in life should be celebrated.

I am a Seattle based baker who loves to dream up desserts that will make a lasting impression on your sweet tooth and your guests.  I am a sucker for everything classic and vintage, peonies in the springtime and coffee.  I love parties and feel that the dessert table should be stunning and memorable.

I have loved to bake ever since I was a little girl.  I learned most everything I know from my mother who taught me the importance and value of baking from scratch with high quality ingredients.  Since then, I have have taken several different courses in pastry baking including the Decorating Essentials course at Bonnie Gordon Confectionary Arts College in Toronto.

I started Delicately Sweet Confections in 2009 as my creative outlet and began at local farmers markets in the Seattle area and Eastside.

I love animals and am a proud mommy to two kitties named Chester and Itsy.

Most importantly I love my family.  They have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and loving family.

Thanks for stopping by!