Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Tinkerbell Birthday Party

It's hard to believe that my niece is turning 6 this week.  Time really does fly by!  I absolutely LOVE being an auntie!  She has now grown up to be a sweet big sister, fantastic reader, toothless kindergartner.  This past weekend we celebrated her birthday with a Tinkerbell Party.  I was given the task to create a Tinkerbell doll cake.  A fun task it was!  Here are just a few pics :)  Enjoy!

1. I started with a double layer 9 inch cake with a hole in the middle for the doll.

2.  I had baked a portion of the cake in my metal mixing bowl. That trick turned out to be perfect!

3.  Next, I added a thin crumb coat around the whole cake.

 4.  I inserted Tinkerbell and then gave the cake a final coat of frosting with adding some swooshing to make it look like a flowing dress.

5. Now for the real fun part!  Decorating her dress with 'leaves' and flowers. 

6. Ta-da!  Finished her off with some pixie dust of course and then packed her up to go. 

Miss Autrey, the big birthday girl.

 'Pin the wand' on Tinkerbell game!

Happy Birthday, Autrey Ann!  Auntie Johanna loves you so much!