Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tis the Season for Farmers Markets and Showers

This Summer hasn't even started yet and is already ramping up with the Farmer's Market starting up this next weekend, Bridal showers and Baby showers throughout the next coming weeks. Can you tell... I'm getting excited!

Starting Friday, June 3rd I will be at the Juanita Farmer's Market from 3-7. We are located across the street from Juanita Beach and hopefully this July we will move over to the beach when the renovation is complete. Each week I will have 3-4 new flavors of cupcakes as well as a good stash of Chocolate Lava Cakes to take home.

I hope to see you out at the Market! And remember me for your events or parties you are putting on this Summer!

Fridays from 3-7

June, July and August

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snohomish Antique and Arts Faire ~ May 21st

I can tell that Summer is almost here when outdoor shopping events and farmersmarkets begin to pop up around the area everywhere. A new event for me that I'm excited to be a part of is the Snohomish Antique and Arts Faire this Saturday, May 21st. It will be held in downtown Snohomish from 10-4. Admission to the event is free! If you love antiques, art, handmade crafts or yummy food come and enjoy the festivities. I'm praying for great weather! :) Check out their website for more information.

Hope to see you there!

Thank you to those of you who were able to come out yesterday and show your support! I was thrilled that there were many who came despite that the weather was a bit cold. I brought Chocolate Lava Pots in jars, mini Strawberry and Blueberry Pies and Apple Turnovers (which werea surprising hit!) Here's some pics of the event.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Peter Rabbit Themed Birthday

My niece has always loved Peter Rabbit since she was itty bitty so, for her 4th birthday last Sunday, we decided to throw her a Peter Rabbit themed party. Of course, a Peter Rabbit birthday wouldn't be quite complete without Mr. McGregor's garden... I had seen an idea months ago that I decided to recreate with cupcakes. Time consuming.. yes! Fun.. absolutely! I can't quite say I did it alone though (Papa helped with creating some of the vegetables :) Here are the pics from the day.

Miss Autrey in her birthday dress.

They were a big hit with the kids.

It was a beautiful day for a garden party outside. Happy Birthday, Autrey :)

A Royal Affair

I don't know what it is about girls and fairy tales. Is it the pretty dresses, the 'happily ever after', the romance or is it the hope of having your very own Prince Charming? I admit I was not all that into the Royal Wedding hype until a couple weeks ago when I received an invite to a Royal Wedding party in the middle of the night. I was intrigued, although a bit leary of a few hours loss of sleep, to watch a real life fairy tale... who doesn't like a fairy tale ending?! For the occasion we were all to where tiaras, of course. I made flower topped chocolate cupcakes with sapphire crystals (for her sapphire engagement ring) that we enjoyed with other sweet treats.