Look Who's Talking!

"Your cupcakes were amazing at my shower today!!! The decorations on them were absolutely adorable! Thanks for doing them." ~ Leia

"I ordered 3 dozen mini cupcakes for a baby shower.  The cupcakes were a hit.  I ordered 3 kinds.  They were equally popular.  Having mini cupcakes meant women felt fine trying 2 different kinds.  You had the ready just when you said they would be ready and they not only tasted good but looked beautiful, too.  I will definitely use you again for an event.  It took away the stress of making a dessert so I could concentrate on other parts of the shower." ~ Mary

"What a big hit your cupcakes were at the baby shower! Thank you so much, Johanna." ~ Claire

"Everything was a hit!! Just perfect!! The desserts were soooooooo good and you got so many compliments. I can't wait to show you pictures. Thank you so much!!" ~ Catie