Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures from Cupcake Camp this weekend

I brought two flavors for sampling:
Emerald City Espresso Mint
Chocolate Mint with Espresso Buttercream
and Lemon Blue Bell Lemon with Blueberry Buttercream.

All the cupcakes lined up for judging.

I entered for the 'Seattle Theme' and 'Most Unique Ingredient'.

Complete craziness for about 5 minutes
as my cupcakes were being sampled.

I'm one of the sponsors up on the big screen! :)

I think the turn out was much more than was
expected. Over 800 people showed up.
There was a line for over two hours out the door
and down the street.

Some great friends and family came out for the festivities.
Thanks guys for all your encouragement and support!


  1. nicely done, johanna! they were DELISH. especially the blueberry ones...please call me before you make them next time so i can come over and pig out.

    so friend is growing up right in front of me!!


  2. They looked great, I'm sure they tasted great too! What a fun experience.

  3. yay! I am excited you had this experience. I am going to have to try the lemon blueberry one!

  4. It was so wonderful to have you there! Looking forward to more cupcake events in the future. Your cupcake looked precious.