Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time for a break

Spring is a perfect time to take a break before the craziness and busyness of Summer. Whether it's at home to do much needed cleaning and organizing or to get away from our usual day to day routines and travel and see new places.

This week I feel privileged to be able to do some traveling with some very dear friends. Our trip takes us back east to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. There are going to be many exciting things to see I'm sure, but I think I'm secretly excited to visit some sweet shops when we get NYC... it is the birthplace for the cupcake craze you see :) I've got a few on my list to try out: one is Magnolia Bakery and the other is Buttercup Bake Shop both were started by the same gal and are well known all over New York.

I will post pictures when I return... till then I hope you can squeeze some moments from your routines for a much needed break. :)

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