Sunday, March 3, 2013

Testing out some new tricks

 I know I have not posted in awhile but, in the meantime I have been keeping busy with learning a few new tricks to add to my repertoire :).    

Practicing some new designs at the Sweet Side.

My mom practicing her cursive :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and couldn't wait to try out what I had learned.  This weekend I was able to try some of these ideas out for myself in making my brother's Triple Chocolate birthday cake!

Two layers of a triple layer Chocolate Ganache cake.

Polka-dot smoosh design (I know... a very technical name :) )

Ta da! The finished piece!


  1. How'd you do that polka dot smoosh design? So cool!

    1. Simple. Polka dots in a row and a spoon :)

  2. Love the cake smoosh design!