Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tie-Dye Themed Birthday

My niece turned 8 at the beginning of the month, and my sister put on a Tie-Dye themed party for her. Such a fun theme!  In her invitations, she asked for the parents to let her know what size t-shirt their child would need.  When the kids arrived, they got to choose what tie-dye design they wanted and then we helped them add the rubber bands to their shirts.  We called the kids over a couple at a time to start the dyeing while the rest of the kids played in the yard.  When all of them were finished, they were put into a plastic bag with instructions for the parents on how wash them when they got home.  It was such a fun project for the kids and they all turned out so cool!  And of course, we couldn't have a Tie-Dye themed party without a fun Ombre cake (inside and out)!

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