Saturday, December 27, 2014

Johanna's Favorite Things Party

Last weekend, I celebrated my birthday with some of my girlfriends and a 'Favorite Things' party theme.  Awhile back I had seen several 'Favorite Things' parties popping up on many different blogs.  It sounded like such a fun idea that I knew I wanted to throw one myself.  As my birthday started approaching I thought... Why not?  This would be such a fun girls night!  Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the gist... you invite your girlfriends over and ask each one to think of one of their favorite things that they would want to share and bring 4 of them, unwrapped.   Each girl would then go home with 4 new favorite things!

About a month ahead, I sent out these invitations.  I included an idea sheet also to help them out with their gift idea.

I made bags with each girls name on them so, they would have a place to put their favorite things as they shopped throughout the evening.

When each girl arrived, they were instructed to fill out a card with their favorite thing and then their name.  We displayed each one on cake plates on my farm table.

For food, I served light appetizers and drinks while the girls were arriving.  Since this was my favorite things party, for desserts I served some of my favorites!  Salted Caramel Coconut cake, a Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry White Chocolate cake, Sugar cookies, Peppermint Brownies and mini Coconut cupcakes.

At the end of the evening, I brought out one more tray of gifts.   As I thanked each one for coming, I drew names and each girl could pick an item from the tray to take home.

This was such a fun party to plan!  Here are a few more pics from the evening.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas from Itsy and I!

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  1. How adorable this first birthday party theme was! I can’t imagine you did all this on your own. Well, I got loads of inspirations for my daughter’s birthday that I am thinking to celebrate at her favorite event space Chicago.